Are Hair Extensions Right for You? Ask Your Hair Salon in Anchorage, AK to Help You Get Started

December 7, 2016

Hair extensions have been around for what feels like forever, but lately they’ve been a popular talking point, and it’s easy to see why. We’d all love to have that Disney princess hair—you know, the impossibly full tresses that flow in the breeze and seem to just get thicker when they’re braided. But in reality, we have to contend with less-than-dreamy locks, compensating with volumizing spray and clever styling if we really want to get that blown-out look. That’s why hair extensions can be a fun and effective choice. Read on to learn more, and remember to ask your hair salon in Anchorage, AK for recommendations on what types of extensions to get, and how to use them.

You’ve come a long way, baby

Hair extensions are one of those products that just keep getting better over time. They are soft, flowing and come in every shade imaginable, so you can perfectly match your hair color for seamless integration. Many extensions are made of real human hair, and come in a clip-in variety so you can take them out and put them back in as often as you like without having to have someone unclamp and re-clamp them for you.

They go great with braids

One of the most popular reasons for picking up some hair extensions is because of their great efficacy in braids. Say you want to try a gorgeous fishtail braid, but you have a bunch of layers that make it difficult to get a long braid going without pieces coming out. Just add in a few hair extension clips, and you’ll have thicker, longer hair to work with. If you’re doing a complex braid that’s going to require a lot of strands, it could shrink down the hair volume considerably. If you add in extensions, you have a lot more hair to incorporate, so the overall effect will be much thicker.

They make a great fashion statement

While many people choose extensions that will blend naturally with their hair color, many others enjoy extensions that stand out. If you’ve always wanted a pop of color but don’t want to bother coloring just a few strands—or you know it wouldn’t go over well at work—just order up some extensions and go to town! Bright pink, electric blue or even some blonde streaks on a dark head of hair will make a fun statement any time of the year. Plus, with the holidays right around the corner, you can impress your friends with a little extra splash of color, and go back to your natural shade any time you like.

You’ve got a support network to help you

If you’ve never looked into hair extensions before, don’t sweat it! Your expert stylist at your favorite hair salon in Anchorage, AK can make recommendations, show you how to put them in and might even have some in stock for you to purchase right away.

Above all, enjoy your hair! You deserve it. Call Studio FX Hair Design LLC today to schedule an appointment.

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