Four Things to Consider Before You Change Your Hair Color in Anchorage, AK

February 1, 2017

A new hair color is a great way to freshen up your appearance. But it’s also a big decision to make. Deciding whether you want to go from light to dark (or vice versa) takes a serious amount of time spent flipping through magazines in search of the perfect new shade. Selecting a flattering color isn’t as simple as finding one you like online, though. It’s crucial that you consider a few different factors before you decide to take the plunge.

To help get you started, here are four things to keep in mind before undergoing a major change in hair color in Anchorage, AK:

  • Budget: Everyone knows the old adage that good work doesn’t come cheap—and it certainly applies when it comes to hair color in Anchorage, AK! Be realistic about how much a drastic hair color change could end up costing you. A high quality dye job from an experienced and trained professional takes a significant amount of both time and effort, which will likely be reflected in the cost. Be clear with your stylist about exactly how much you want to spend, and they will work with you to create a beautiful look that fits within your budget.
  • Maintenance: Some hair colors require a bit more maintenance than others. Before you decide on a vibrant red, ask yourself how much time you can commit to coming to the salon for coloring and touch-ups. For example, opting for a color that’s drastically different from your natural one will require much more time in the salon for root touch-ups. You can expect to have to go in for maintenance about once a month. On the other hand, grown out highlights or lowlights are much less noticeable, so you could get away with only going a couple of times per year. Remember that new hair color might also mean committing to a new shampoo and conditioner to help the color stay vibrant longer.
  • Hair health: Color can be tough on even the strongest locks, so it’s important that you consider the health of your hair before you schedule your coloring appointment. Work with your stylist to determine whether your hair is healthy enough to withstand a big color change, or if it’s best to go for something that’s less intensive for the health of your hair. Even the most beautiful color won’t look that good if your hair is left damaged and fried as a result. Don’t panic if your hair is not the healthiest, though. Your stylist can work with you to get your hair back into top condition.
  • Skin tone: Unfortunately, just because something looks great in a magazine or online doesn’t mean it’ll look just as good on you. It’s best to factor in your unique skin tone before you get your heart set on a particular shade. Most people have either warm- or cool-toned skin that is better suited for similar-toned hair. The perfect hair color will ideally complement both your skin tone and eyes. Consult your stylist about the best color that will work well with your skin.

For more information about changing your hair color in Anchorage, AK, or to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with Studio FX Hair Design LLC today!

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