How to Choose the Hair Extension Length That Is Right for You

April 14, 2017

Every time you make a visit to the hair salon, both your and your hair stylist’s goal is for you leave completely satisfied. Making sure that you pick the correct hair extension length plays a large role in this satisfaction, but how do you go about making absolutely sure that you select the right length for hair extensions in Anchorage, AK? Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Get the correct measurements: Before you make a commitment to a particular extension length, make sure you have a good idea of where different lengths will fall on your body. To do this, place a tape measure at the top of your ear and take a visual note of where each potential length option ends. If you will be adding your extensions at the natural parting in your hair, place the tape measure at this parting and then note your desired length. Measuring will allow you to see just where each option will lay, and can help you determine what you might feel most comfortable with. Once you have an idea of where the extensions might come to on your body, you will have to analyze a few other factors before you make your final decision.
  • Consider your height: A taller woman will have to keep in mind that even if she and a shorter woman buy the same extension length, the overall look might be different and the hair might appear shorter because of her height. That is why it is so important to measure the length of the hair against your own body, because what looks like your desired look on a much shorter woman could look very different on your frame.
  • Future styling: If you purchase hair extensions that are made to last, after some time has passed, you may find that you want to change the style. Certain styles such as curls or waves can shorten the overall length of the hair extensions, and if these are the types of styles you want either now or in the future, your best bet would be to buy longer extensions. The same idea applies if you know that you might want to trim the hair down the line, or cut your extensions into a layered, bob-type of hairstyle. For example, if you like the way that an overall length of 22” fits your body, but know that you have styling or trimming plans in your future, you would be better off purchasing 24” extensions to give yourself some additional hair to play around with.

If you are still unsure about which length you need and want to seek out additional help, the staff at Studio FX Hair Design LLC is ready to assist you. Whether you are looking to add hair extensions in Anchorage, AK or are looking for a trendy new cut, our stylists have the products and experience you can trust. Make sure you give us a call to set up your appointment right away!

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