Get the Summer’s Hottest Look at the Best Hair Salon in Anchorage, AK

May 25, 2017

Summertime is nearly here, and that means it’s time to get the season’s hottest hairstyles! Studio FX Hair Design LLC is your go-to hair salon in Anchorage, AK for all the latest trends. Whether you’re ready to get a brand new look, or want to get your favorite go-to style refreshed, we’re here to help. Come see us to kick off your summer in style! Here are a few tips to get your imagination started.

Go for color

There’s no time like the summer to brighten your locks, and there are several fantastic shades hitting the runways and circulating into your neighborhood. First up: Millennial Pink. You might have heard about this shade in a variety of settings, from kitchen appliances to clothing, and it’s easy to see why it’s popular. This beautiful rose-pink shade is both blushing and radiant all at once, so if you’re young (or young at heart), ask a stylist at your favorite hair salon in Anchorage, AK if this color is the first of many fun summer decisions you’ll make.

On a darker note, ombré is still in, and we’re seeing some gorgeous shades of dark color trending this season. If you want to channel a mysterious, dusky beauty this season, consider an amethyst starting shade that eases into smooth navy. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful it looks in the summer sun!

And last but not least, don’t forget another favorite summer hue: pearlescent. Blondes, get in line—from warm gold to silvery platinum, this shade looks good on so many hair types. Be prepared to sit for a few coloring sessions to achieve this stunning look.

Channel the beach with some breathtaking waves

Summer is the best time to let your hair down, and nothing says carefree, free-spirited and wild beauty quite like cascading waves. This style is particularly in vogue because summer heat and humidity can wreak havoc on a carefully coiffed and polished bun or flatiron ‘do. Stop fighting the summer and just go with the flow. Have your hair stylist give you a quick tutorial on how to get the right effect. On your own, try using a heat-protecting spray, then using a medium-size curling iron on sections of your hair chosen at random. Follow up with a texturizer to get that perfect wild-yet-classy look.

Try some tiny plaits

If you’re looking for another great way to embody the spirit of summer, consider some braids. We don’t mean the traditional three-strand variety—we’re talking about baby braids. These thin braids instantly add a sense of serendipity and natural beauty to any look. This style is low-maintenance, easy to achieve and packs a lot of punch.

Get a cut

If you’re ready for a big change, get your long hair bobbed. Shoulder length, ear length, anywhere you like, a cute cut is a summer staple—and it’ll keep you cool and stylish all season long.

Ready to get started with your fabulous summer look? Call Studio FX Hair Design LLC, your go-to hair salon in Anchorage, AK, for the season’s hottest trends.

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