Top Back to School Hairstyles and Hair Services for Women and Girls

August 25, 2017

It’s likely that the first thing you notice when you look into the bathroom mirror every morning is your hair. If you’re a sound sleeper and don’t toss and turn all night, then your hair may actually look all right. But if you have a hard time sleeping and you move constantly throughout the night, your hair may look like a disheveled mess. Whether you wake up with good hair or need to tame your wild locks, everyone should have a couple quick and easy go-to hairstyles to start the day right. This is especially great for those starting a new school year.

Are you ready to take note of the easiest back to school hairstyles for women and girls? Here we go:

  • A twist on the top knot: When you are short on time, go for this easy look—the top knot with a train. Pull your hair into a high ponytail, leaving your center part undisturbed. Fold the ponytail in half and pin it tight to the back of your head with bobby pins. Let the ponytail hang down freely.
  • The beach look: Beachy waves are in! To create the “I was just at the beach” look, scrunch a texturizing putty into your hair. Let it air dry to form light waves. You can use a curler to loosely curl sections that come out too flat.
  • The tousled pony: Take your hair in its natural state and tie it up into a high-high ponytail. Use hairspray before teasing the tail. This super simple hairstyle won’t leave you looking disheveled on your first day back to school.

Studio FX Hair Design LLC is ready to provide all of the hair services you need to look your best while starting the new school year:

  • Haircuts: No matter if your hair is long or short, straight or curly, our precise techniques will ensure a phenomenal hair cut in Anchorage, AK. As you may know, a haircut is about more than just removing length. You probably want your cut to result in new texture, clean angles, natural movement and other desired hair features. We can do all of that for you!
  • Hair coloring: Whether you want highlights or a full coloring service or are in need of color correction, know we’ve got you covered. Our team of coloring specialists works with you to ensure you go home with the perfect hair color in Anchorage, AK.
  • Hairstyling: From working professionals to students to brides, our hairstyling team can help you get ready for just about any occasion. Our services include blow-drying, coloring, perms and more.

Wearing the perfect hairstyle for your face shape and personality is a great goal. However, a nice hairdo also has the power to make you feel good. It can boost your self-esteem and even turn around a bad day. In addition, a fresh hairstyle, cut or color will help you make a good impression on everyone around you on your first day back to school. Call Studio FX Hair Design LLC, your premier hairdressing salon in Anchorage, AK, to schedule an appointment today!

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