Beard Trims and Barber Services in Anchorage, AK

November 8, 2017

As “No-Shave November” approaches, many men may be putting their razors away and preparing to see how far they can grow their facial hair. For beards to grow properly, however, beard trims are essential! If you are hoping to let your beard grow this month, you should visit a barber in Anchorage, AK to have your beard trimmed so that it can grow effectively. Beard trims promote healthy hair growth and result in more shapely whiskers.

You may be wondering what goes into a successful beard trim. This seemingly easy operation is actually a complicated and involved task that requires specialized tools and lots and lots of patience.

Necessary tools

A number of pieces of specialized gear are necessary to successfully trim a beard. Here are just some of the supplies needed to execute a beard trim:

  • Brush: Beards must be combed through prior to beginning the actual trimming operation. You will want to make sure that your brush can gently remove any snags or knots!
  • Scissors: The scissors are used to clean up the cut and help establish the shape of your beard. The scissors must be kept extremely sharp so as to avoid tugging.
  • Clippers: These will remove the bulk of your beard. Be sure to use only the sharpest clippers available, or they can seriously hurt!
  • Moisturizer: Beard oil or moisturizer will promote your hair’s healthy growth, and will make your beard softer.

The process

Once you have gathered all the relevant supplies, you can begin the process of trimming your beard. It’s important to follow these simple steps:

  • Only trim when dry: Never trim a wet beard—this is a recipe for pain! You should only engage in beard trimming when your facial hair is nice and dry.
  • Thoroughly comb: Any barber in Anchorage, AK can tell you that combing out a beard is an essential part of trimming it. If a beard hasn’t been well combed, it won’t trim.
  • Use your clippers: Clippers should be used to remove the bulk of your beard hair. They provide an even, clean-looking trim.
  • Trim and detail: Once the majority of your undesired hair is gone, you should use your scissors to trim and detail your hair to your liking. Don’t forget about the mustache!
  • Wax and oil: Utilize wax to keep your hairs exactly where you want them, and place oil to give your facial hair a healthy shine.

Because of all the work associated with trimming a beard, you should probably let the professionals handle this trying task!

Studio FX Hair Design LLC has been a premier barber in Anchorage, AK for nearly a decade. You can count on our talented and knowledgeable styling professionals to provide you with a clean, good-looking trim. We are here to help you make the most of your facial hair, and can aid you with a wide range of beard-related services. Whether you are growing out your whiskers for the first time or are simply looking for a trim, trust our well-regarded team for all of your facial hair needs!

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