Exposing Hair Myths

December 28, 2017

Some of the most common “facts” that you may think you know about your hair aren’t facts at all! It’s important to understand how daily behaviors change and affect the health and quality of your hair. Many of the things that you may think about hair coloring, hair extensions and highlights in Anchorage, AK may be inaccurate at best, or could even prove to be outright falsehoods. Understanding how factors like hair color affect your daily beauty routine can help you produce consistently good-looking results that help you look and feel great.

There are a number of myths that have been passed down throughout the years relating to hair care and how to keep your mane healthy. While many common-sense truisms do apply, you should always consult with a qualified beauty supply sales specialist to receive their expert opinion before making any long-term decisions relating to the health and appearance of your hair. Here are some of the most common misconceptions associated with proper hair care:

  • You shouldn’t wash your hair every day: Proponents of this hair care myth say that washing your hair every day removes the natural oils from your scalp and can result in frizzy, lusterless hair. The reality is that it depends on the natural qualities of your hair. You should consult with a hair coloring specialist in your area to be sure.
  • Dandruff means that your scalp is dry: Dandruff doesn’t necessarily mean that your scalp is too dry. Oily environments may facilitate the growth of yeasts that can cause dandruff. You should seek out a medicated shampoo to use from your local hair color supplier.
  • Cutting hair makes it grow faster: Because hair grows from the base of the roots, and not at the ends of its tips, cutting it regularly does nothing to accelerate its growth. Regular trimmings can make it look fuller, however. If you are looking for a rapid way to improve the length of your hair, you should consider installing hair extensions in Anchorage, AK.
  • Brushing your hair makes it healthier: Brushing your hair redistributes oils throughout your mane. You must be sure to brush an appropriate amount, however, because too much brushing can cause breakages and may result in unhealthy hair, and may even damage your hair’s cuticles.
  • Plucking out a gray hair will make more grow in its place: Gray hairs can be annoying. Plucking one gray hair out, however, does not result in even more gray hairs popping up. In isolated instances, plucking can be an effective way to remove your grays. In most cases, though, you should schedule an appointment for hair coloring instead.

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