What Type of Comb and Brush Should You Use?

January 11, 2018

Identifying the type of comb and brush that suits you the best can be a challenging task! Combs and brushes are important tools that ultimately will determine the success of the hair style you are attempting to pull off. Understanding how your hair’s existing length and style affects the type of comb and brush you should ultimately use is an important task that can leave you looking and feeling your best possible self.

If you are having trouble determining which brush or comb is right for you and your style, you should consult with your stylist during your next men’s or women’s hair cut in Anchorage, AK.

There are a number of factors that will ultimately determine the type of brush you use when combing your hair, including your hair length, hair type and the style you are aiming for. Here are just some of the most prominent types of combs and brushes to consider when determining which type you should be using to achieve your stylistic goals:

  • Rattail comb: These are some of the most universal hair styling tools available, and are typically best suited for individuals sporting a men’s hair cut. Rattail combs are ideal for people hoping to style and arrange shorter, finer hair.
  • Paddle brush: For people with a longer hairstyle, the paddle brush is the most helpful go-to! You can use a paddle brush to detangle a long women’s hair cut. They are also perfectly suited for use with a blow dryer.
  • Wide tooth comb: These combs are perfectly suited for individuals with longer hair. Wide tooth combs can get right into the scalp, meaning that they will distribute oils more evenly across the entirety of your head.
  • Natural fiber and wood brushes: Many brushes are now made of natural fibers mounted on a wooden handle. Depending on the fibers your brush is constructed of, it may have a wide range of benefits. Be sure to consult with your hair care provider to learn more.
  • Teasing brush: If you have fine, thin hair, you can use a teasing brush to pile your hair up and increase its volume. Teasing hair is a great way to make the most of hair that is still in the process of growing out after a women’s hair cut.
  • Round brushes: Round brushes offer different benefits depending on the type of material they are constructed out of. For instance, metal brushes are best suited for creating waves in nappy hair. Plastic round brushes are best for bob cuts or similar styles.

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Whether you’re looking for a new and improved style to dazzle your friends and coworkers with or are simply hoping to receive some dependable advice on the type of brush best suited for your hair, you can rely on Anchorage’s most trusted hair specialists to steer you in the right direction. Reach out to us today to learn more about our extensive menu of services and well-stocked product inventory!

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