Men’s Grooming Secrets from Your Barber in Anchorage, AK

February 28, 2018

No longer are guys going to the barber just to get their hair buzzed and a quick shave. Nowadays, men want to be pampered by their barber or hair stylist, the same way women have been for years. After they leave their hair appointment, guys are taking extra good care of themselves, too. They’re using oils for their beards and styling products for their hair. Continue reading to learn more grooming tips from your barber in Anchorage, AK:

  • Hair wash treatment: It’s always nice to have your hair washed before it’s cut! Your barber should be using their fingertips, not their nails, while washing your head. This will give you a nice massage and leave your scalp nice and clean. Use this same method every morning when you shower, and your hair will look like you just came from a stylist each day.
  • Choose scissors: Is your barber using scissors or clippers? Let’s hope they’re going with scissors! Though it will take a bit longer, a cut with scissors will end up looking more natural in the long run. You also won’t need to have your hair trimmed as often if you choose scissors.
  • Trimming your hairline: Your barber should always trim with your hairline. Following your hair’s natural line will guarantee that it grows back looking more natural.
  • Cutting around scars: Your barber should be extra careful when trimming around any scars on your head. Cutting too quickly can leave a gap over the scar. Needless to say, that’s not such a great look! Tell your barber about any scars before they get to work on your head.
  • Blow dryer etiquette: Blow drying your hair is fast, and makes your hair look great. But that’s only if it’s done correctly! Putting the dryer too close to your head can fry your hair and leave your hair looking like a disaster. Keep the dryer at least 7 inches away from your head and finish off with cool air to leave your hair looking shiny.
  • Eyebrow trimming: Don’t walk around with those bushy eyebrows anymore! Have those caterpillars trimmed during your next men’s hair cut in Anchorage, AK.
  • Product knowledge: Does your barber or hair stylist know everything there is to know about hair products? Let’s hope so! Always choose a stylist who can recommend the best products for you and your hair.
  • Oils for beard growth: Some beards grow faster than others. That’s just a fact! But did you know that there are products to help your beard grow fuller and faster? The next time you’re getting a beard trim, be sure to ask your barber in Anchorage, AK about some of these oils!

The next time you need a men’s hair cut in Anchorage, AK, be sure you choose Studio FX Hair Design LLC! Our staff members have years of experience cutting in styling men’s hair. We guarantee you’ll come out of our shop looking much better than you did coming in.

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