Product Spotlight: KMS

February 14, 2018

At Studio FX Hair Design LLC, we know firsthand that quality hair coloring and the right women’s hair cut in Anchorage, AK can take you from blah to fabulous in no time. That’s why we take special care to use the best hair care and styling products, and we only recommend the cream of the crop to our customers.

One of our favorites is KMS, a company known for its superior and innovative hair products that take you through the three phases of any good hair day: “Start. Style. Finish.”

See for yourself what launches this company head and shoulders above the competition.

Something for everyone

First off, let’s be clear: KMS has a product to help your hair. Curly hair? Straight hair? Voluminous hair? Fine hair? Long, short, bobbed, bangs? Whatever type and style of hair you have, there’s a KMS product that will make it look and feel fantastic. If you’re coming in for hair coloring, a cut or a consultation, just ask us about the KMS products we carry, and we’ll help you find the best ones for your locks.

Products for color

Speaking of color, there are plenty of top-notch KMS products for your lovely hair color. Whether you have platinum blonde or a soft auburn balayage, our hair salon pros can pick out the right KMS shampoo, conditioner, treatments and more, all to help you get perfectly moisturized and styled hair that retains color for longer. We are especially hooked on the Colorvitality shampoo and conditioner.

Solutions for dryness

One of the toughest challenges in our modern world is combating dry, brittle hair. We all know from past experience that buying a cheap bottle of “moisturizing” product usually doesn’t do the trick. In fact, it can leave your hair in worse shape than before, weighed down with unnecessary chemicals, ugly residue and oily roots. That’s what makes KMS such a breath of fresh air. We love using the company’s many varieties of moisture-rich, frizz-calming products for our women’s haircuts, because the results instantly speak for themselves. A few of our favorites include Moistrepair Shampoo, Moistrepair Conditioner and Moistrepair Revival Cream.

If you’ve ever encountered the “dry bird’s nest” effect on your head, check out KMS and get your soft, smooth hair back.

The frizz whisperer effect

If you have frizz drama going on with your head of hair, don’t worry: KMS has some great products to help you calm that situation down right away. Our top picks include Tamefrizz Shampoo, Tamefrizz Curl Leave-In Conditioner and Tamefrizz Smoothing Reconstructor.

Ask us about the frizz-taming products you need today, and get back to enjoying that gorgeous head of curls.

The just-for-you line

One of our favorite things about KMS is that they have a solution for all of our common issues. If you need volume, check out the “Addvolume” shampoo and conditioner. Need a better blow-dry? Check out the “Thermashape Quick Blow Dry,” which also cuts your drying time by half. From sea salt hair sprays to molding paste, body lift to curl control, Studio FX Hair Design LLC has the KMS products that will whip your hair into great shape.

Give us a call, stop in today to learn more or ask us about KMS products at your next hair coloring in Anchorage, AK!

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