Back to School Hair Cuts in Anchorage, AK

July 27, 2018

The relaxing summer days are flying by, and pretty soon it will be time to start getting ready to head back to school. In addition to getting all of the necessary school supplies, you will also have to start thinking about the best kids haircut in Anchorage, AK for your child to sport this school year. Your local hair salon is here with some back to school summer styling tips and hair cuts in Anchorage, AK so that your child can be the trendiest one in class this fall.

Embrace simplicity

As you and your family are attempting to readjust to the school year routine and schedule, the last thing you need is to spend tons of time doing hair every morning. Don’t waste time fighting with your child’s hair every day, and instead choose hairstyles that go along with their hair’s natural texture. If you do decide to make a change, try something simple like cutting in some bangs, or allowing previously cut bangs to grow back. When it comes to taking care of your kid’s hair the first few weeks of the school year, remember, less is more.

Healthy hairstyles

While everyone loves spending time outside during the summer, the season can do a number on the health of your children’s hair. The sun can fade and dry their hair out, and the humidity can leave troublesome split ends. By the time the summer is over and your kids are getting ready to go back to school, it is very possible that some damage to their hair may have occurred. A hairstyle can only truly shine if the hair is healthy, and taking the time to nurse their hair back to health will be important for any hairstyle that they eventually choose. Here are some styles that’ll make keeping your kid’s hair under control a whole lot easier:

  • Braided hairstyles: Braids are in right now, and the benefits this hairstyle offers are endless. Braiding your child’s hair can protect it while you are trying to restore its healthy condition and is as low-maintenance as it comes. Not to mention that braiding your kid’s hair the night before can save valuable time in the mornings.
  • Try an up do: Up dos are one of the most popular school hairstyles around, as it takes a classic, elegant look and makes it casual and contemporary. It is important to know that your child’s hair doesn’t need to be as long as you might think to pull off one of these dos, and your hairdresser can give you some styling and product tips to help you make it happen.

For the perfect back-to-school kids haircut in Anchorage, AK, give us a call at Studio FX Hair Design LLC. We specialize in styling some of the trendiest hair cuts in Anchorage, AK, while also promoting healthy hair that will continue to grow. Classes will be starting up again before you know it, so make sure you give us a call to schedule an appointment today so your kids can start the school year off on the right foot!

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