Choose the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape This Fall

September 21, 2018

Bangs come in all different shapes and sizes, and once you have wrapped your mind around the commitment needed for your bang trim in Alaska, you will still have to decide which style will be best for your face. There will be certain lengths and styles that suit certain face shapes better, and fortunately your local hair salon specialists are here to provide you with some of the most common bang styles and the facial shapes they match with best:

  • Square face: Heavier bangs suit individuals who have square shaped faces. You will have to strike a delicate balance if you do go with heavier bangs, though, because they can overwhelm your face if not cut correctly. To achieve the right look with your haircut in Alaska, have your stylist cut your bangs to just below your eyebrows, while leaving the larger pieces on the sides to create a tapered effect that will soften your face. Having the center pieces feathered so that a bit of forehead is showing will also help create the same effect.
  • Round faces: Creating a fringe that slightly arches over your eyebrows goes well with soft, round features. Keep in mind that bangs can make round faces appear fuller, so be sure to ask for a curved shape versus a circular one, so as to highlight your bone structure more fully.
  • Heart shaped face: Heart shaped faces are top-heavy, which makes bangs that sweep to one side of your face or the other a great way to create balance. This style will also serve to draw attention down towards your eyes. To achieve the look, have your hair stylist cut layered bangs with the longest pieces touching the inside corner of your eye, and the shortest pieces reaching the arch of your eyebrow.
  • Oval face: For those with oval faces, there are a couple of different options available. If you opt for longer bangs that sit in between your brows and eyelashes, you will have added versatility. You can either wear them swept to the side, or keep them straight to accentuate your face with a middle part.
  • Smaller forehead: In order to make your forehead appear larger, you can have your stylist cut large, swooping bangs with an intentionally asymmetrical fringe. This style of bang will require a large side part, but the design will blend well into layers that just barely reach your cheeks.
  • Pronounced forehead: To conceal a larger forehead, your bangs might need to start further back from your hairline. From there, your stylist can cut large, thick bangs with angles that widen the face and downplay the forehead.

For help determining the bang trim that will frame your face the best, give us a call at Studio FX Hair Design LLC. The mission of our hair salon in Alaska is to give you the haircut, style or trim you need to keep your hair healthy, and give you added confidence in your appearance. To take the step towards cutting in bangs that look great on you, make sure you give us a call to schedule your appointment right away!

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