Finding the Best Products for Your Hair Type

Finding the Best Products for Your Hair Type

December 29, 2018

Having a salon-quality haircut and color can take your locks from drab to fab, but it will be hard to maintain the look of soft, shiny and beautiful hair if you aren’t using the right hair products at home. The products you use in your day-to-day hair care routine are what really transform your hair, adding life, volume and control. At our hair salon in Alaska, we use numerous top-quality brands including KMS California to produce beautiful results during each of our stylings.

Not all products are created equal, though. Certain hair products in Alaska are going to be much more effective when used on certain hair types. For this reason, you’ll want to identify your hair type and purchase products that are specifically formulated for your hair to achieve the best results.

If you have fine, thin hair

Thin, fine hair has a habit of laying flat and limp. This can be extremely frustrating to manage, since it doesn’t naturally have body and can sometimes even resist styling.

For this type of hair, you’ll want to pick up lots of volumizing products, like volumizing shampoos and conditioners, mousses and root sprays. These products are light, so they won’t weigh down your hair and make it flatter, and will add volume at the roots to avoid limpness.

Dry shampoo is another staple product for fine hair, since roots tend to get oily between washes faster, and excess moisture is much more noticeable on your scalp. Additionally, fine hair can benefit from texturizing products like sea salt spray, which can add body to an otherwise bland hairstyle.

If you have curly hair

Curly hair has the opposite problem of thin hair. Usually, it can be too unruly, frizzy and thick to tame and make look nice. Whether you have very tight curls or loose curls, one of the most important product types for your hair is moisturizing products like hair oils or hair masks. Curls can make it difficult for your scalp’s natural oils to get diffuse to the bottom, making it more dry and frizzy than straight hair.

Additionally, people with very tight curls should consider using curl definition products. These creams or waxes can help shape curls better and tame frizz so that the curls themselves can stand out, not look like a wild mane of unruly hair.

If you have dry hair

If your hair tends to run dry and brittle, it’s much more prone to frizz and breakage. To fix this problem, make sure your daily hair care routine is filled with moisturizing products, including shampoos and conditioners, hair masks, hair oils, serums and more. A routine dose of moisture will help restore shine and hydration.

If you have wavy hair

Wavy hair tends to have a combination of characteristics, including some dry areas, thin hair and curliness. Because you have combination-type hair, you’ll want to use combination-type products that provide the desired benefits, whether that’s volumizing, smoothing, hydrating or frizz-controlling.

Visit a hair salon in Alaska for the top product recommendations

If you’re struggling to find the right products for you or just can’t achieve a salon-quality style at home, visit Studio FX Hair Design LLC. Our professional stylists can provide a variety of services, from haircuts to colors to highlights and special event hairstyles. We can also provide recommendations for the best hair products in Alaska for you!

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