Eyebrow Threading vs. Waxing

March 13, 2019

Great eyebrows can really make a face shine by highlighting a beautiful brow line and throwing attention on the eyes themselves. Most people know that well-kept eyebrows are desirable, but there’s a lot of debate about which salon technique is best: threading or waxing. Almost everyone will have a different opinion on this question, as it involves a lot of different factors.

If you’re considering using eyebrow wax in Anchorage, AK, keep reading to determine whether wax is truly the best option for you:

  • How do the techniques work? Waxing involves applying warm wax to hairs in the brow line to achieve the shape you want. The waxing professional will put paper strips on the wax, and then quickly pull it off to remove the hairs instantaneously. Threading, on the other hand, takes more time, as the brows are shaped by running a thread made into a lasso along the brow to achieve the desired shape. The lasso then pulls hairs out at the roots. Both of these techniques leave your eyebrows looking beautiful for about four to six weeks when done correctly.
  • Which process is more painful? Many people find threading more painful, as it takes a longer time to remove hair and pulls them out in smaller bunches. Waxing can initially be painful when the paper strips are removed, but it’s such a fast process that the sting usually goes away very quickly. Still, this is really a personal preference, and your experience will vary widely based on your general pain tolerance.
  • Which is better for people with sensitive skin? Though most people can have their eyebrows waxed without running into any issues, people with extremely sensitive skin should avoid using waxes, as they can irritate the skin more due to their heat or any chemicals. On the other hand, a few people do break out in small spots after threading, usually only if the practitioners do not use clean thread or sanitize the skin. Make sure that you visit a trusted salon to ensure that the waxing and threading implements are sanitary.
  • So, what’s best? As noted above, everyone experiences brow care differently. However, overall, waxing is great if you have thicker eyebrows or if you find threading or tweezing very painful. Anyone who’s had problems with skin sensitivity or who’s on medications that affect the skin would benefit from threading to avoid the heat and chemicals related to waxing.

No matter which technique you use, you’ll want to make sure you shape your brows in an environment that’s clean and filled with staff who are skilled enough to correctly apply eyebrow wax in Anchorage, AK. Studio FX Hair Design LLC is a great choice. With over 20 years of combined experience, our staff are committed to making sure every client looks their best.

Since 2008, Studio FX Hair Design LLC has served men and women in the Anchorage area by providing haircuts, coloring, styling and waxing. Call today to find out more or schedule an appointment!

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