A Guide to Hair Brushes

July 15, 2019

There’s a lot that goes into a great hairstyle. The proper type of cut, the correct color, the styling products you use—all of these are important to take into consideration. But what might not get quite as much attention is the kind of brush you’re using during the styling process.

The brush you should work with depends primarily on your hair type and texture. Many people who do not know any better will simply find a brush they like and use it without stopping to consider whether or not that brush will actually work with their type of hair. Not all brushes are created equal—you need to consider the type and length of your hair, your ideal look and your ideal volume and texture. Plus, using the right brush helps you keep a healthy scalp that will continue to spread natural oils and stimulate hair growth.

Let’s break down the brushes you should use for hair styling in Anchorage, AK based on hair type.

Curly hair

People who have naturally curly hair often fear using brushes or combs at all, thinking themselves to be at risk of frizz and breakage. However, there are still reliable methods you can use. Many people with curly hair benefit from using a wide-tooth comb while in the shower, while conditioner is in the hair. This is an effective way to remove shedding hair without affecting your ultimate styling goals.

For some people, brushes with long, narrow, flexible bristles that are designed for wet hair are able to easily move through curls and tangles without creating too much tension. Use this kind of brush lightly to gently work out tangles, then add product afterward and let the hair dry naturally.

If your goal is to straighten the curls, you should use a round brush when the hair is wet and has product in it. For fine or medium textured hair, boar bristles and nylon bristles are ideal. You’ll find round brushes in many barrel sizes, and your selection will depend primarily on how much wave or bounce you want with your hair. Smaller barrels create tighter waves.

Straight hair

Any hair that lacks a true curl is considered to be straighter hair, even if there’s a bit of a wave to it. These people are unlikely to have concerns about using brushes—in fact, they may brush several times a day to keep their hair in good shape.

People with fine hair are more likely to have problems with tangles, so wide-tooth comb brushes or wet brushes are ideal for use while the hair is wet to reduce breakage and stress. Nylon bristled hairstyling brushes are also an option for people with medium to coarse hair.

For very smooth, straight styling, paddle brushes are ideal. Vented paddle brushes in particular are designed to be used while you’re blow drying to create a sleeker appearance. For fine hair, use a paddle brush with nylon bristles. Coarser hair will benefit from boar bristles. You can also find brushes with both types of bristles.

For more information about the kinds of brushes to use for hair styling in Anchorage, AK, contact Studio FX Hair Design LLC today.

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