Top Seven Failed Beauty Hacks in Anchorage, AK

September 11, 2019

They are all over social media. A quick internet search will bombard you with them. Beauty hacks in Anchorage, AK abound. There’s just one problem: many of them aren’t worth trying. What you thought would provide convenience and a quick fix to your beauty woes actually makes things worse.

Before you try that next hack, do a little research to find out if it is legit. Here are a few that others have already debunked, so you can save yourself the trouble of trying these failed beauty hacks in Anchorage, AK:

  • Elmer’s on the face: There are a lot of face masks on the market. Someone out there thought peel-off glue would make a good option. It doesn’t—don’t use glue as a face mask. It causes break outs and can rip your skin. Keep this product on the school supply list, not the beauty supply list.
  • Sugar scrub: You want a fully cleansed face that is bright and clear. How about a sugar and tomato facial scrub? Nope. Tomatoes are good sources of antioxidants, but sugar is not something you want to put on your face. It’s abrasive. You’ll end up hurting your skin instead of helping it. The scrub may taste good, but it’s not good for your face.
  • Flossing your face: If you’re struggling with unsightly blackheads, don’t try to remove them with dental floss and mouthwash. The scraping will pop blood vessels and cause more skin problems. Keep the dental hygiene products inside your mouth, not on your skin.
  • Lightening with limes: Rumor has it that lemons, limes and baking soda will brighten your armpits. The rumor isn’t true. It will, however, cause burns and irritation. No thanks!
  • “Kool” stain: Some who want to add vivacious color to their lips have turned to Kool-Aid lip stain. While it might add nice color to your lips, it’s just as likely to stain your teeth. This method is unlikely to provide an attractive smile.
  • Condiment curls: Is mayonnaise really a good hair conditioning option? It actually can condition your locks a bit, but there is the smell to consider, and it doesn’t perform nearly as well as actual hair products. So, when it comes to your hair, please hold the mayo.
  • Corny powder: A hack to make your foundation stay on longer would be nice, right? Unfortunately, corn starch is not the answer. Some say it’s a great powder to apply for long-lasting foundation, but it’s not made for skin. This makes it bad for your skin, and you could also suffer an allergic reaction.

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