What You Need to Know About Lash Extensions Before Heading to the Salon

September 27, 2019


It’s no secret that long eyelashes are the key to highlighting your gorgeous eyes—but you might have heard horror stories about eyelash extensions. Not to worry! Not only do we love having eyelash extensions ourselves, but you can rest assured that with a few pro tips, you’ll be enjoying your new lashes in no time.

Below, we’ve come up with some of our most commonly heard questions and concerns related to eyelash extensions. If you need more information about eyelash extensions in Anchorage, AK, stop by or call the team at Studio FX Hair Design LLC! We’d love to help you learn more about the beauty treatments that will be right for you:

  • Common types of lash extensions: Lash extensions come in three major types: synthetic, mink and silk. There are multiple options depending on your preference for length, diameter, size and curl.
  • How often you’ll need to go back for refills: Upkeep is pretty minimal for extensions that can completely eliminate your need for mascara! Your eyelashes won’t fall off until the natural life cycle of that single eyelash is finished. Because each extension is applied individually, losing a lash won’t be like ripping off a sheet of falsies. You can expect to go back about once every three to four weeks.
  • Completely safe for your natural eyelashes: Eyelash extensions will not ruin your natural lashes! Although you might have an individual allergy to certain types of eyelash glue, there are plenty of options if you’re worried.
  • Relax—you won’t go blind: All eyelash extensions are performed while your eyes are closed, eliminating the possibility of glue getting into your eyes. Plus, all certified lash technicians know to stop the application process at any sign of tears or irritation.
  • Rules for showers and swimming: Do your best to keep water away from your eyes for the first 24 to 48 hours after application, but after that, you’re free to resume your regular activities.
  • You can still wear mascara: One reason our clients love lash extensions is because they can eliminate the need for mascara—but you can still wear it. We recommend applying at the tips only. Applying mascara at the base of eyelash extensions can make for a clumpy look.
  • Make sure your technician is certified: Finally, when you’re researching eyelash extensions in Anchorage, AK, make sure you look for a certified eyelash extension technician. That’s the best way to guarantee that your eye health (and your beauty) is in expert hands.

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Interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment for eyelash extensions? We can help you make sure your lashes look great! Studio FX Hair Design LLC has been helping customers look their best since 2008. Our goal is to provide you with professional, beautiful salon results paired with our dedication to exceptional customer service. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to doing everything we can to help you look and feel your best!

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