Disguise a Bad Hair Day with These Go-to Hair Styles in Anchorage, AK

November 14, 2019

When you’re running late and short on time, washing and styling your hair is usually the part of your routine that gets thrown out the window. And we get it—it happens to all of us. Too many days like this, though, and your hair could become completely unmanageable. This is why you need to have a go-to hair style in Anchorage, AK ready so that you are able to disguise your bad hair day. Take a look at a few different styles and tips that will help you mask your hair struggles, while keeping you stylish and in charge:

  • Dry shampoo: If you aren’t able to wash your hair in the morning, you will need to make sure you have a reliable dry shampoo that will help make your hair more adaptable for whatever style you attempt. After you rub the dry shampoo into your hair, allow it to sit so that the product can soak up any oils and dirt. This will free you up and give you the extra time you need to finish getting ready and get out of the house as efficiently as possible.
  • Braids: After you brush the dry shampoo out of your hair, you will need to throw your hair in a style that is quick and requires minimal effort. Tease your hair a bit to add volume, and then work in a braid or two from the front to the back or side for a stylish, yet relaxed look that hides what would have otherwise been a bad hair day.
  • Messy bun: Even on the worst days, when you feel like you have run out of options, there is still hope. A messy bun can save even the most disheveled hair, and you can even try a sock bun to tighten the look and further disguise the unruliness of your tresses. Again, make sure to tease your hair to give the look a bit of extra oomph.
  • Half up, half down: If you want to take the messy look to the next level, you can put half of your hair up in a bun and leave the other half down. To completely commit to this messy style, play up the hair in the back and around your ears for a fuller look.
  • Head scarf or wrap: If all else fails and you just can’t figure out what to do, you can always fall back on a scarf or hat to keep you covered until you can give your hair the attention it needs. You can style it up a bit and leave some of the hair out, or wrap it all up completely in the scarf or hat.

When your hair seems hopeless and you feel like you’ve exhausted all possible options, pay us a visit at Studio FX Hair Design LLC for help bringing your hair back to life. Our talented team of stylists can tame your look. We’ll make sure your hair gets the care it needs with hair styles in Anchorage, AK that look great and aid in improving the health of your hair. For hair maintenance that will ensure your bad hair days are a thing of the past, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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