The Weird Things That Happen to Your Hair in Winter

December 18, 2019

Winter in Alaska is stunning—but it can do some stunning damage to your hair, too. Cold weather, dry air, winter hats and a host of other unfavorable conditions can seriously detract from the mane you spent all year cultivating. When you need damaged hair repair in Anchorage, AK, be sure to call the team at Studio FX Hair Design LLC. In the meantime, read on to find out what havoc winter can wreak on your hair, and how to prevent it before it starts:

  • Your hair will become dry: This one’s not hard to predict, even if this is your first Anchorage winter. Most winter weather in North America comes with a distinct lack of humidity. Too much humidity and you get flat or frizzy hair, but too little and the strands will dry out. To combat this, condition regularly and try a hydrating hair mask.
  • It might also become dull: Dry hair is dull hair, so in addition to conditioning regularly and trying hydrating hair masks, you might want to invest in a shine mist. They coat your hair with a fine gloss of moisture to seal in hydration and shine.
  • The forecast calls for split ends: We all know heat can damage your hair, but so can the winter weather. As your hair dries out, the strands become more brittle, which makes them prone to breakage and split ends. To fight this, take a little break from your heat styling tools—or if you must use them, invest in a good heat protectant. Regularly-scheduled trims will get rid of any remaining split ends. This prevents further damage and keeps your hair looking lush and full.
  • Static electricity: It’s probably no shock that winter weather means an increased occurrence of static electricity. That’s because the lack of humidity allows protons, neutrons and electrons to move about more freely in the air, leading to static electricity between your hair and knitwear. Don’t skip the warmth for the sake of style, but if it happens, there’s no reason to worry.
  • You might experience seasonal hair loss: Humans shed up to 50 strands of hair from their head per day, but you might see even more during the winter. It’s not related to the cold—instead, the lack of humidity and hydration can lead to you losing more hair than normal. While you’re not going bald, be sure to hydrate your hair from the inside out by drinking plenty of water.

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