Haircuts We’re Seeing in 2020

March 11, 2020

They say that fashion is cyclical. Once a given style has hit the height of its fame, it fades into obscurity for years until some history-minded hair stylist can resurrect it for another round in the sunshine. Typically, that rule holds true—but not in 2020.

Hair styles in Anchorage, AK are set to run the gamut from short ‘60s bobs to the return of the Rachel. Here are some of our favorites.

A bob for all

One of the most popular haircuts of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, the bob has turned into one of the most popular styles in the history of hair. This typically ear-length cut can fall in a variety of ways—tapered to the shoulder, straight along the neck or cut behind the ears. The only constant of the bob is that it looks adorable.

A streak of color

Whether your hair is long or short, whether it’s heavily styled or wound up in a loose bun, you can’t go wrong with a few streaks of color. Don’t go overboard, of course, but a handful of colorful stripes in one (or several) colors can go a long way toward turning any hairdo into something fun and funky.

The pixie

For the woman who wants to make the scene but still stay active, the hyper-short pixie cut is never a bad idea.

The Rachel

Few cuts were as widely copied by women young and old as the Rachel was in its heyday. Taken from the name of a character who sported the ‘do on the popular sitcom Friends, the Rachel is one of the more deceptively elegant hair styles in Anchorage, AK. A simple mid-part up top gives way to dual sweeping arcs of hair that frame the face and then curl out as they reach the shoulders.


The 1970s are coming back around in the form of the lovably messy bangs hairdo. You can sweep it up in a bun or let your hair fall casually around your shoulders. The only thing that matters is a curtain of adorable bangs draped down toward your eyebrows.

Special occasion baubles

Add another level of decadence to your next special occasion with a hair style that incorporates little jewels or rhinestones woven into the fabric of your hair. A few carefully-chosen ornaments can spruce up a simple ‘do in a flash.

Keep your coif current

Just because you’re living the good life in Alaska doesn’t mean you have to go without the latest coiffure. For the best hair styles in Anchorage, AK, come to Studio FX Hair Design LLC, where one of our highly talented stylists can help you find the perfect look for you.

We do it all—haircuts, highlights, coloring, color correction, eyebrow waxing and so much more. Looking to have your hair styled for a special occasion? We’ll make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

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