How to Blow Dry Long Hair

March 25, 2020

Anyone who has taken on the task of growing out their hair understands the investment required. Keeping your long hair vibrant and healthy is a labor of love that requires specialized know-how. Even something as simple as washing and blow drying your hair can be much more complicated when it falls far below your shoulders.

If you’re in search of some tips for long hair maintenance in Anchorage, AK, here are some things to keep in mind.

Give yourself enough time

When you’re caring for your hair, the best thing you can possibly do is allow yourself enough time to do the job correctly. Several of the stages you’ll need to go through when doing long hair maintenance in Anchorage, AK are best done minutes and even hours apart. So, the worst decision you can make is to try and rush your way through blow drying and styling.

Don’t start until your hair is mostly dry

When you first step out of the shower, gently towel dry your hair and then give yourself a few hours to let your hair air dry a little bit. Allowing your hair the opportunity to dry on its own will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend actually drying your hair. That shortened timeframe will also reduce the amount of damage that blow drying can cause long hair.

Find an old T-shirt

The absolute best way to dry your hair when it has some length on it is to pat it dry using a clean T-shirt. The cotton of the shirt is less absorbent, but gentler on your hair. You can even wrap your hair into the T-shirt to let it dry for a bit before you move on.

Use product before blow drying

If you’re planning to use styling or hair health products on your hair, do so before your hair is completely dry. If you wait too long, putting product in your hair is essentially adding more moisture. This can increase your blow-dry time (and make your wait time redundant).

Blow dryer tips

You can speed up your blow drying by removing your hair dryer’s nozzle, leaning over and blow drying your roots while your head is inverted. When you think your hair is almost dry, put the nozzle back on and brush your hair with a round brush as you blow dry.

Trust your locks to the pros

There are few people more equipped to help with long hair maintenance in Anchorage, AK than the pros at Studio FX Hair Design LLC. For over a decade, we have offered the latest and greatest hair styles for men, women and children throughout Anchorage and the surrounding area. Cuts, colors, styles and more—we do it all! We even offer eyebrow waxing services and special occasion styling for clients who require it.

At Studio FX Hair Design LLC, our goal is to make sure you are not just satisfied with the results, but that you’re thrilled with them. That’s our guarantee to you, every time. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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