Summer 2020 Trends in Hair Color

July 22, 2020

Now that businesses are reopening and the world is slowly returning to some semblance of normal, many people are eager to get into the salon and change up their regular hairstyle. A lot of our clients want to keep their existing cuts, but have been curious about the latest trends in summer hair color in Anchorage, AK. After much research, we’ve put together this list of the most gorgeous colors to try this season.

11 hair colors trending this summer

More than ever before, hair color trends in Anchorage, AK are about blending natural and fashion tones together to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind color. This is something you simply cannot achieve with a box of dye at home. Our clients come to us to make custom colors that look great and are totally stylish:

  • Soft bronde balayage: Get the beauty of blonde and brown colors using this technique for fusing the colors. This works well with every skin tone and hair texture. Plus, bronde balayage is so beach-ready!
  • The unicorn: Using iridescent shades of purple and gray, you can capture the look of every person’s favorite mythical creature.
  • Bold color: This isn’t for the weak-hearted—think blues, greens, pinks and all of the other colors in the box of crayons. To make it really stand out, add subtle highlights of different shades of the main color you choose.
  • Icy cool: Mixing an ice blonde shade with silver and gray tones creates an eye-catching monochromatic color that will help you chill when it’s too hot to bear outside.
  • Face-framing highlights: Everyone remembers this look made popular by Rachel on the ‘90s sitcom Friends. Have your stylist frame your face with color-complementary tones.
  • Rich, dark tones: So many people want to lighten their hair for the summer. Switch it up and choose a darker shade for your locks this season.
  • Mermaid hair: Ideal for longer hair, this is where natural colors towards the top of your hair blend into bright fashion colors towards the roots.
  • Light blonde with dark roots: This updated ‘80s style looks California chic for the summer.
  • Tie dye: Not just for t-shirts and bandanas, embrace all of the colors of the rainbow with pastel or neon highlights in your favorite fashion tones.
  • Subtle pops of color: The idea of a fashion color might intrigue you, but you’re not comfortable with a full-head of coral or lime green locks. Instead, you might want to try a few lowlights in the bold colors you love.
  • Alien: A combination of pinks and purples, this summer hair color in Anchorage, AK is totally out of this world.

There are so many gorgeous hair color trends in Anchorage, AK to play with this summer. Instead of wasting your time getting disappointing results attempting to dye your hair yourself, make an appointment with one of our color experts now. For over a decade, Studio FX Hair Design LLC has only hired the very best trained professionals to provide services ranging from cuts and colors to wedding styles. Reach out to us today!

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