Why Professional Color is Better Than Box Dye

October 24, 2020

If you want to change your hair color, you have many options for doing so. From bargain-priced at-home dye kits to pricy high-end, color-changing dyes, there’s no shortage of products available for dying your hair without the assistance of a professional stylist.

However, most people who experiment with box dye eventually realize that professional hair color in Anchorage, AK, is worth the investment. Here’s why.

Unreliable results

It’s so tempting to dye your hair at home. You might see a box of hair dye at the store or promoted on social media and think, “That’s so much easier than going to the salon!” After following the instructions correctly, you dry your newly-dyed hair only to discover something went horribly wrong. Your tresses are now the completely wrong shade and don’t look anything like the picture on the box!

A box dye says that if you use this product, your hair will look a certain way. Unfortunately, unlike a stylist who knows your hair, these one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t designed for you specifically and most likely won’t yield the results you imagine.

Extensive damage

Changing your hair color is not as simple as it seems. Permanent hair color shifts the molecular composition of your hair and requires some pretty serious chemicals. However, to turn the biggest profit possible, box dye manufacturers often use low-quality chemicals, dyes and additives. From high amounts of ammonia to metallic salts, the ingredients in these products can dry out your hair and make its texture coarse.

Additionally, all of those nasty chemicals permanently embed themselves in the cortex of your hair strands. You can’t get rid of these lingering solutions until you cut your hair.

You’re not trained

There’s a reason that stylists must clock hundreds of training hours before receiving their licenses. Not only is dying hair a chemistry experiment, there’s also numerous techniques for doing so that the average person wouldn’t be familiar with unless they’re trained.

Any stylist that handles professional hair dye in Anchorage, AK, spent months, if not years, learning exactly how to apply these mixtures to people’s hair without damaging it. If you don’t know how to use these chemicals to alter hair color correctly, you’re not going to get the results you want. Plus, you’re almost guaranteed to cause irreversible damage on your hair. That’s one of the many reasons people have to go to school and get licensed to become an aesthetician.

Color correction is expensive

A stylist has to do a lot of work to correct the damage done by an at-home hair dye system gone wrong. Not only are they fixing the color, but they’re also taking every step to not further damage your locks. Depending on the extent of the problem, you might need to have multiple color correction appointments to reset your hair.

Instead of needing color correction, contact Studio FX Hair Design now to make an appointment for professional hair color in Anchorage, AK. At our chic salon, you’ll feel at ease as one of our highly trained stylists creates the exact look you want for your hair. From full-color changes to highlight, balayage to bright colors, we’re here to make you feel beautiful. Book your appointment today!

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