How Does a Hydration Treatment Restore Moisture to Your Hair?

March 5, 2021

Just like any part of your body, your hair needs regular care and maintenance, especially if it lacks moisture or has trouble absorbing hair products. The health of your hair could be drastically improved by incorporating periodic hydration treatments, also known as hair steaming, into your routine. Read on to learn more about hydration treatments in Anchorage, AK, then call to schedule an appointment if it sounds like this treatment may be right for you.

What is a hydration treatment?

Our hair is constantly subjected to damage just from being exposed to our surroundings, which often causes dryness and brittleness that can increase the risk of breakage. The best way to combat this is by increasing moisture content in hair. Using heat from steam, a hydration treatment opens up hair follicles and pores on the scalp. This allows for moisture to be better absorbed where it’s needed the most.

Benefits of a hydration treatment

Not only does steaming open up follicles and pores, but it also opens the cuticle layer in hair. This helps your hair absorb much-needed hydrating products that can improve its health. Because you’re helping your hair maximize the use of deep conditioners, you might not even need to use that much of these products at all. Not only will you extend their usage, but you might even save money because you’ll be replacing them less frequently.

If your hair seems to grow too slowly, brittleness could be to blame. With improved elasticity, hair will be able to stretch and shrink without breaking, which is essential for it to stay intact in order to grow longer. Hydration treatments will restore moisture to your hair and then some, creating ideal conditions to maximize hair growth.

By opening pores in the scalp, a hydration treatment helps those pores unclog to release any toxins. Hair steaming in Anchorage, AK also encourages blood flow to the scalp, as well as the production of collagen, a crucial ingredient in building hair proteins and strengthening the scalp. Improved scalp health translates to improved hair health.

How often should you steam your hair?

With all the benefits that come with hair steaming, it might be tempting to do it all the time. However, too much of a good thing can be a detriment, since excessive moisture can actually weaken hair shafts. Steaming your hair once per week is recommended to improve moisture retention, especially for those with dry and damaged hair.

Given how often that hair should be steamed, there are fortunately plenty of DIY options for performing hydration treatments at home. However, you should consider getting it done professionally every few months or so. Think of it as a regular checkup to ensure that you’re on the right path with your home remedies.

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