Prom Is Coming: Do You Have Your Hairstyle Yet?

May 10, 2021

Prom is as much a fashion event as it is a coming-of-age milestone. Do you already know what you want out of your prom hair in Anchorage, AK? There are plenty of great hairstyles to choose from, regardless of hair length. Once you’ve found the perfect outfit, you can decide how best to wear your hair—and the stylists at Studio FX Hair Design LLC would be happy to help you choose. Here are some of our favorite prom hair trends this year:

  • Half-updos: Half-updos will never go out of style. They’re the perfect way to pull your hair back from your face while still getting the effect from your hair’s full length. This works best with hair that’s shoulder-length and longer, although you can pin back pieces in a shorter cut, too. Most half-updos look good with big curls or waves, which lend a soft look.
  • Braided “headbands”: Braiding your hair across the crown creates a “headband” look, which can be paired with buns or ponytails or simply left loose in the back. You’ll need enough hair to braid across the top, so it’s best for those with shoulder-length or longer hair. If you have short hair, a false braided headband can help you get the look.
  • Messy fishtail braids: Big, loose, messy fishtail braids—especially thrown over one shoulder—are a dramatic way to put attention on longer hair. Have your stylist braid the fishtail, then tease sections out for added fullness. Texturizing sprays or gels can help keep the strands in place.
  • Bows and flowers: You’ve probably seen these elaborate styles on Pinterest—they’re a fun look that works well with half-updos. Hair “bows” look especially good on straight hair, while creating lacy flower designs can look great with just about every hair type. Again, you’ll need longer hair for this style.
  • Messy buns: Will the messy bun ever go out of style? Probably not. Messy buns are a versatile look—they can be styled up or down depending on the level of formality you want to achieve. Pull a few strands loose in front to frame your face.
  • Waterfall braids: Waterfall braids are a great prom hairstyle in Anchorage, AK, especially if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. Consider two braids that meet in the back, in the middle.
  • High updos and ponytails: For a glam look, get a sleek high updo or ponytail. Tease the hair at the crown of your head for added volume and a dramatic shape.
  • Sparkling accessories: Finally, if your hair is too short for most of these styles, don’t underestimate the power of great accessories. Sparkly bobby pins, big flowers and jewels are a great way to add flair to your short cut.

No matter what kind of prom hairstyle you choose, our stylists are standing by to help. Call Studio FX Hair Design LLC to book your pre-prom hair styling appointment in Anchorage, AK. We can help you achieve a look you’ll love looking back on in the future.

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