Be Homecoming Ready with These Top Hairstyle Tips

September 24, 2021

Show off your school spirit and your style! Choose one of the hottest 2021 homecoming hairstyles for this year’s event. Whether you have long locks or a pixie cut, there are nearly limitless hairstyle options for homecoming.

Which is best for you? Use these five tips to create the look that suits your style and perfectly matches your dress. From elegant to fun, there are styles for everyone.

Balance formal with casual

Homecoming is a middle-of-the-road event. It’s not as formal as prom, but it’s more than just another Saturday night out. Go for a mid-range hairstyle that strikes a good balance between casual and formal. The best 2021 homecoming hairstyles are stylish but simple.

A good rule of thumb is to select a style that is one step up from your everyday hair. Be sure to make the style flexible but not too casual.

Enhance your natural look

The best hairstyle options for homecoming are those that complement your natural hairstyle. Work with your texture to enhance whatever your natural look may be.

You can style it with product and add accessories, but be sure to embrace your natural texture rather than fight against it. When you choose a style that enhances your natural texture, it is more likely to last the entire night.

Try a practice run

If you’re doing your hairstyle yourself, practice before the big day. This will reveal any adjustments you need to make to the style and will help save time when you’re getting ready on homecoming weekend.

If you’re visiting a stylist, explain clearly what you want. Go over the various hairstyle options for homecoming with your stylist and describe exactly what your goal is for your style. You may want to do a practice run with the stylist as well.

Be ready for the weather

What happens if the weather is humid? Nothing is harder on 2021 homecoming hairstyles than a humid day. As you plan your hairstyle, keep this in mind. Choose something that will work well and hold up for the entire evening even if conditions are humid.

In some cases, hairspray may be a necessity. Consult with a stylist to determine which products would be best for your hairstyle and hair type.

Consider extensions

If you’d like to try thicker or longer hairstyle options for homecoming, consider using extensions. These are a great option to quickly take a hairstyle to the next level. They can add a touch of formality and allow you to achieve fuller effects.

If you’re not familiar with using extensions, contact your local stylist for assistance. He or she can help you select the best extensions that will give you more hairstyle options for homecoming.

Schedule your appointment today

To look your best for homecoming, visit Studio FX Hair Design LLC. We offer professional styling for all lengths, textures and hair types. Our experienced stylists can help you select the best homecoming hairstyle for your big event. Contact us today at 907-349-0123 to schedule your personalized, custom style appointment.

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