Start the New Year with a “Bang”!

December 16, 2021

At some point, every woman has found herself wondering, “Should I get my hair cut into bangs?” The simple answer is yes! Bangs are a great option for people who are committed to styling their hair every day and want a bold, unique look. However, no one should change their look so drastically on a whim. Below are several factors that will help you decide if you should get bangs.

Things to consider before getting bangs

Bangs can look great with any hair type or face shape. The reason many people end up hating their bangs is because they didn’t take these factors into consideration. To rock this unique look, ask your hair stylist which type of bangs would look best on you. For example, people with square faces should go with a wispy texture and long pieces on both ends. Long faces look better with thick, full bangs that extend down to the eyebrows.

Schedule a consultation with your hair stylist to discuss what you want. While considering whether you should get bangs, remember this: don’t get a blunt cut. The best way to pull off bangs is to go for a slightly messy, choppy look. This will take away the pressure to make your bangs look perfect all the time. You should also express what type of texture you want. That way, the bangs don’t end up looking too thick or too wispy.

Remember, bangs are one of the most high maintenance hair styles a person could possibly get. If you’re wondering whether you should get your hair cut into bangs, you must first consider all the work that goes into maintaining them. You need to style bangs every single day, and you won’t always love how they turn out. Bangs should be washed more often than the rest of your hair, especially for people with oily skin.

Hair care tips for bangs

People who ask themselves if they should get bangs can totally go for it! Before heading to the hair salon, let’s cover some basic guidelines to help you pull off this look. For starters, leave trimming to the professionals. Resist the temptation to trim bangs yourself, as they won’t look nearly as good as you want them to.

People need to shampoo their bangs fairly often. However, you can extend the time in between washes with a couple tricks. Pin back your bangs when you sleep at night to prevent them from getting oily. On days when you skip the regular shampoo, a quick application of dry shampoo can revitalize limp strands. But don’t go overboard on the dry shampoo, otherwise all that product will weigh down your bangs.

If you’ve got your heart set on this hair style, you should get your hair cut into bangs. Anyone can rock this iconic fringe when they practice good hair care and communicate what they’re looking for to their hair stylist. The friendly staff at Studio FX Hair Design LLC has years of experience cutting bangs and will guide you through the process. Schedule a consultation today!

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