Did You Know That What You Eat Affects Your Hair?

January 17, 2022

We’ve all faced hair struggles at some point in our lives—wanting it to grow faster, thicker, shinier or prevent it from thinning as we age. If you’re working to improve the look and feel of your hair, you may need to consider more than just the products you use to wash, condition and style it. When it comes to hair, research suggests it may be best to work from the inside out—eating healthy food means you’re more likely to enjoy healthy hair.

Although we cut, style and accessorize our hair as part of our personal aesthetic, how your hair grows is strongly influenced by your health and the nutrients your body is receiving. Read on to learn which foods you can incorporate into your diet to see positive changes in your hair.

Top foods to help hair grow

Since hair grows from the root, making sure your scalp and hair follicles are getting the necessary nutrients can help increase hair growth. A varied, nutrient-dense diet has been linked to skin and nail health, and will ultimately improve hair growth as well. It may take a few months to see results, however—patience is a virtue.

Some proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in particular have been identified as helpful in improving both the rate at which we grow hair, as well as the strength and health of the hair grown. Here are some of the top foods to help your hair grow healthy and strong:

  • Eggs: Rich in compounds and minerals that may be linked to hair growth, such as biotin, eggs are an easy and accessible addition to the diet of those looking to improve overall hair health.
  • Vitamin D: An important part of maintaining muscle, nerve and immune system function, research also suggests that vitamin D could help improve hair growth! To get more vitamin D in your diet, try eating more herring, red meat and mushrooms. Fortified foods like breakfast cereals, yogurt and orange juice are also good options.
  • Fatty fish: Since they’re great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, consuming salmon, mackerel or other fatty fish as part of your regular diet can improve not only hair health, but also the health of your heart, skin and eyes. If eating fish isn’t for you, consider incorporating fish oil extract or an omega-3 supplement into your regimen.
  • L-lysine: This amino acid is found in protein-rich foods like beans, lentils, nuts, spirulina and meat, but can also be incorporated as a supplement to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
  • Selenium: This mineral has been linked to the creation of new hair. Foods such as Brazil nuts, dairy products and liver can all provide a boost to your selenium levels.

Although everyone responds differently to specific ingredients, eating healthy food means you’re well on your way to enjoying healthy hair. Consult a medical professional to identify the diet and supplements that are right for you, then visit us at Studio FX Hair Design LLC to have one of our skilled stylists help you achieve your hair goals. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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