How to Naturally Get Your Hair to Grow

January 31, 2022

Feeling good about your hair can play an important role in your overall confidence—and whether you’re working to reverse hair loss or grow thicker hair, attaining the luscious locks of your dreams can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to change your hair for the better.

If you’re seeking DIY remedies to naturally grow and thicken your hair, look no further—we’ll discuss some potential causes for thinning hair and provide advice on how to improve scalp and hair health.

What causes hair loss?

There are a number of reasons your hair may be thinner than you’d like. For some, hair gradually gets thinner as we age—many men over 50 and postmenopausal women experience pattern baldness due to a genetic condition called androgenetic alopecia. This causes a shortening of the hair growth phase and a lengthening of the period between hair shedding and regrowth.

Thinning hair may also be a medication side effect, an indication of hormonal imbalance or a symptom of a medical condition. If you’re experiencing hair loss, consult a medical professional to rule out any underlying causes before exploring the DIY remedies listed below to spur hair growth.

Top tips for natural hair growth

There are many DIY treatments to help naturally encourage hair growth. Try out one of these expert-approved tips once you embark on your journey to better hair:

  • Scalp massage: Research suggests that scalp massage can improve hair thickness—it increases blood flow to the scalp, strengthens hair roots and increases the rate at which hair follicles receive nutrients. Use rosemary, coconut or lemon oil (all of which stimulate hair growth) to increase the benefits of your massage.
  • Aloe vera: Long used in treating hair loss, soothing dry, irritated scalps and softening hair, aloe vera is a great ingredient to keep in your healthy-hair toolkit. Apply pure aloe vera to your hair and scalp weekly for glistening hair and increased growth, or experiment with aloe vera hair products for similar benefits.
  • Egg yolk mask: Try a hair mask to strengthen damaged hair—while this won’t necessarily make your hair grow faster, preventing breakage will help your hair look and feel fuller over time. Mix two eggs, 2 tablespoons olive oil and ½ cup water, apply to dry hair and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash out with shampoo and conditioner and enjoy your shiny, nourished hair!
  • Supplements: Taking fish oil, ginseng, vitamin E oil and Viviscal supplements have each been linked to improved scalp health and increased hair growth. Talk to your doctor to see if any of these supplements are right for you.
  • Avoid heat styling: Frequently using a hairdryer, curling iron or straightening iron can cause your hair to become dry and brittle, leading to breakage and inadvertent thinning of your hair. Air dry your hair whenever possible, and incorporate a heat-protectant spray when you do use heat styling tools.

Last but not least, remember to get regular haircuts! While it may seem counterintuitive to cut hair when you want it to grow longer, getting your hair cut keeps split ends at bay and supports healthy, long-term hair growth. Call today or visit us online to schedule your next haircut at Studio FX Hair Design LLC!

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