12 Hair Colors That Experts Say Will Be Everywhere in 2022

March 21, 2022

Individuality is something that changes every year. People choose to express themselves in various ways, including their hair color. According to their studies, the experts performed research and developed a list of hair colors for 2022. If you’re wondering, "What are the color trends for 2022?", here’s a list of 12 of those colors and trends:


Highlights for people with curly hair have become a real thing for 2022. You can expect to see men and women with curly hair having their highlights pop out of their curls wonderfully. 

Expensive Blonde

Blondes still have the most fun, and that’s why double-processed blonde colors are shining in 2022. You may want to consider taking on this amazing color if you’re a fan of light and playful shades. 

Soft Girl Brown

Soft Girl brown is a change for someone who has black or dark hair. It gives them a softer and more "laid back" tone they can enjoy. This might be the right shade for you if you want to give yourself a more gentle appearance. 

Midnight Brunette

Midnight Brunette is a magical color that can appear black or brown, depending on the lighting. Megan Fox is one of the celebrities who dared to sport this color, and many people followed her lead.  

Cali-Cool Highlights

Cali-Cool highlights on blonde hair is becoming popular because of its barely-there essence. To achieve this color, one will only have to place highlights around the facial framework. The end result is a subtle highlight. 

Dimensional Copper

The Dimensional Copper look is exactly what it sounds like. It takes traditional copperish hair and adds some layers that get more reddish as they reach the crown. This is an exciting color that may be right for you if you want to turn heads. 

Girl-Next-Door Copper

Girl-Next-Door Copper is an easy color to achieve for someone who already has blonde or red hair. A little base lifting and highlighting will give such people the underlying copper tone they desire. 

Vivid Overlays

Vivid overlays take natural hair and add depth by dipping it in highly vivid colors. You can have a lot of fun with shades of blonde, red, or pink if you so desire. 

Toasted Caramel

Toasted caramel is a yummy color that might interest you. It gives a warm feel to a brunette shade by adding copper, auburn, or caramel elements. It’s a perfect solution if you’d like to spice up your dark shade. 

Auburn Spice

Many brunettes are heading toward more of an auburn look. Auburn spice is a delicious color that adds the bit of brown everyone craves. 

Long Ombre

Long Ombre makes good use of existing highlights on long hair. It takes advantage of the highlights someone is growing out of and then adds a little touch to it. 

Anime Pink

Anime Pink may be perfect for you if you have a love for anime and the desire to have a little fun with your hair. This style will require you to go bold and bright with a smash of hot pink. You can put a lot of flair into your hair if you’re game to try something different.  

Now you know what to expect in the upcoming year. You can join the hair color revolution by wearing your own idea of an exciting color. 

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