The Hottest Hair Trends

March 16, 2022

Everyone comes to a point where they want to change up their ‘do eventually, right? When these moments arrive, many often ask, "What are the most popular hair styles?" Both genders will ask these questions, as there is no shortage of hot hair styles for men and women. Let’s take a closer look at some of the hottest hair trends and offer a bit of added background.

Added Volume

Much like our favorite jams, it is time to turn up the volume when it comes to your hair. These hairstyles ask us to choose between the width at the top or the sides. It’s all about the thickness, of course! Thanks to the assistance that hairdressers can provide, it has never been easier to get the voluminous hair that we desire in the comfort of our own homes.

Accentuating Braided Looks

Braids have been a popular look for some time now, but accentuating this common look is one of the hottest current trends. People are becoming more playful than ever when adding new and interesting aspects to this classic look. Colors, beads, and various accessories can be added to express themselves more uniquely.

Massive Curls

Big curls energy is here, and it is not going away anytime soon. Curl-specific cuts that allow us to embrace our natural looks are very trendy right now. Natural hair textures are being celebrated in a whole new way, and the big curls are a major part of that. Bonus points if the hairstyle in question winks and nods to the ’80s.

The Wolf Cut

This is the perfect look for anyone looking to split the difference between the mullet and the vintage shag haircut. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for plentiful layers with lots of movement.

Return of the Rachel

Friends fans, unite! This staple of the ’90s has made a huge comeback. This haircut is not an exact replica of the Rachel ‘do that took over during that decade, though. It is actually a bit longer and softer. The layers remain rounded around the face, but they are left a bit longer and choppier. Golden accents can also be added to create more of a surfer girl look.

The Bro Flow

Of course, no list like this one would be complete without a few sexy hairstyles for the men out there. The bro flow allows the men to enjoy a more relaxed aesthetic without sacrificing any ruggedness. It’s an easy way for men to cut a little bit of time out of their morning routine.

Man Bun

Now, it is time to close out with the man bun. This modern classic is certainly not going to be going away anytime soon. The best part of the man bun is that it can flatter all facial shapes and be customized according to personal preference. These buns tend to look best when placed just below the crown of the head. Looser buns also tend to be more flattering in most instances.

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