2022 Hair Color Trend: What Are the Trends?

April 25, 2022

2022 represents a new year with fashion trends to deliver a bold statement. Nothing says change like hair color and many choices reflect your personality and highlight your best features. Every year’s fashion tends to be different, and you’ll need to choose the right color to enhance your look and not spoil it. Find out hair color trends 2022 below. 

Platinum Hair

Platinum hair offers a good option to bring a modern yet sophisticated look. However, platinum hair requires a lot of maintenance and dedication to look fresh. You should budget for more trips to the salon with this hairstyle.


You’ll be surprised by all the variations of blonde colors, including darker shades. Strawberry blonde is also a popular choice for a more pinkish color.

Amber Ash Blonde is on the rise this year as well. If you want to feel brighter but keep a darker base, this is the right hair color for you. Use the hair oil to help your highlights last longer, and prevent them from fading.

Red Hair

Nothing makes a statement like red hair. You can also opt for reddish copper without losing the elegance and beauty of traditional red.

Checkered Hair

Skunk hair is making its way back into the limelight. Color blocking has become a new trend, and if you are brave enough, you can make a statement. 

Pink Lilac

This lavender hair color is a good option if you love pastel colors. It could mesh well into this summer’s hair colors and give you your desired unique look. 


Brown is a popular and common choice, and it has come a long way. You can have many variations of brown with lighter streaks in your hair. Brown hair is trending in 2022, but you can switch it up to make it your own. 

Exposed Roots

This is the perfect option for blonds who want to have their hair light all year round. It will help extend the life of your color between salon visits. 

Champagne Copper

Many women like to have warm colors for the year’s warmer seasons. Copper tones are soft, and they change the appearance of your complexion and eye color. You can use copper as the base and add another pigment to match your skin tone.

Natural Beige

Beige is the perfect option if you want a low-maintenance color. It will have more depth and naturally enhance your appearance.

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