What To Know Before Getting a Perm

June 8, 2022

One of the hottest hair trends we have today is perming. Just look at Julia Roberts. Isn’t her hair beautiful?

Traditionally, perms were created by wrapping hair in rods and putting perm lotion to set the curl. Now, some new techniques and formulations, such as wrapping hair around digitally heated rods, produce your desired coils and waves.

You must have seen someone with perms and liked the idea of getting one yourself. If you have considered it, there are things to know before getting a perm.

Digital or Hot and Cold Perms

These are the two types of perms. You can either choose the digital or hot perm or the cold perm.

  • Digital or Hot Perms – The hair is wound around curling rods that are attached to a machine that heats the hair. Digital perms provide a permanent change in the structure of your hair.
  • Cold Perms – The hair gets soaked in an alkaline solution and tightly rolled into curls using rollers. A neutralizing solution is later applied to the hair to set the curls. Cold perms take a shorter time and are more affordable than digital perms.

Short or Layered Hair Are Not Suitable

Hair length doesn’t matter when getting a perm. However, the result for short or layered hair might not be as perfect. The effect of perms is that it dries out the hair. Short or layered hair has the effect of making you look like a poodle.

Good Hair Condition Is Necessary

A good hair condition means that your hair should not be too damaged, extremely dry, or treated and colored. Hair that is in good condition provides the best results with beautiful curls. Wait out until your hair is in good condition.

It’s a Commitment

Getting a perm is not quickly fixed. It lasts three to six months, depending on your hair management and type. Perming is a commitment that requires constant treatment using hairspray, conditioners, and specific shampoos. You should therefore determine if you are ready to get a perm.

What Does Getting a Perm Do to Your Hair?

Now that you know much about perming, let’s look at its effects on your hair:

Changing the Hair Structure

Perms are changes in hair texture gotten through creating curls or waves by using chemicals. Different perm curls are obtained through the two approaches. For example, a body wave is achieved through the hot approach, while the twist or spiral curls are a result of cold perming.

Weakening Your Hair

Perming is a definite way of weakening your hair. Fortunately, it is not a cause for concern so long as you can maintain your permed hair well. However, damage to your hair follicles can be detected when you feel pain when perming.

How Much Does Perming Cost?

Most perms range from $30 to $150. There are also additional costs after perming, such as shampoos and hair sprays. However, the exact cost will depend on your stylist’s experience, your location, and the available facilities.

Bottom Line

Even with the above information, it is important to first consult your stylist. A stylist will accurately determine if a perm is good for you or not and the type of waves and perms that work for your hair.

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