Goldwell Red Hair Colors

October 26, 2022

While autumn is taking over the real world, the beauty world is heating up with Goldwell’s fiery red hair color, creating all sorts of buzz with everyone wanting to sport the latest trendy color. Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to show your red locks because the sun is not as harsh and will not fade the color easily. If you are ready for a reinvention, you will adore the vast selection of shades Goldwell is introducing this season. Just ask to see their color chart to choose the one you want.

Copper red is popular because it matches almost all skin tones. Ask your stylist to tap or shadow root to make it last and stretch the time between root touch-up appointments. Copper red can be a touch needy and loves plenty of care to keep it vibrant, but the rich-toned striking statement it gives is worth the effort.

Goldwell Red Creates Extraordinary Fashion Statements

Natural red hair color is unusual, as only 2% of the world’s population has it. So it has always been associated with something unusual and rare. Redheads were thought to be fierce and untamed, making the hair color synonymous with the cheeky attitude of the wearer.

Red dye products have also undergone a revolution. In the past, the unnatural-looking matchstick head red, eggplant, or orange hues did not look natural and did not have the richness and depth of color like today’s hues of strawberry blondes or mahogany brunettes. These new complex shades, created by Goldwell, will make you look like you were born a redhead. The color chart of shade options is endless, making red a good option for everyone.

Good Maintenance Regime Lets Your Color Last Longer

Red hair pigment needs more maintenance than blond or brunette shades. Oxidation and sun exposure are enemies of a redhead, and you may find yourself battling with the elements to keep the sheen and vitality your hair was when freshly colored.

As red hair color easily oxidizes, your locks will lose their luster with time. It usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the red color to change. The best remedy for the premature loss of luster is an in-between visit to your stylist for the application of a gloss or a toner to restore that freshly colored shine. If you cannot make that additional appointment, arm yourself with a tinted conditioner and shampoo to replenish the color of the hair strands. A word of warning: Don’t use tinted shampoo every time you wash your hair to prevent color buildup.

One last word of advice is to book a detailed consultation with your colorist at Studio FX Hair Design LLC in Anchorage, AK, before you attempt a big color change. They will help you understand how the processing will affect your hair. The experienced colorist will be able to tell you if the shade you chose is achievable, taking into account the color of your natural hair, and advise you on all the ins and outs of maintaining your perfect color.

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