The Best Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone 

February 13, 2023

When it comes to choosing hair color, the key is picking a shade that flatters your skin tone. If you choose a shade that doesn’t match your complexion, you may look washed out and unflattering. To determine your skin tone, you can look at your wrist and see the veins that are either blue or green. If the veins are predominantly blue, you have cool undertones. If they are mainly green, you have warm undertones. 

Light To Medium Skin Tone 

For those with light or medium skin, ashy hair colors such as platinum blond work well. This classic shade is known to be flattering on fair skin with neutral undertones, but you can also try a light brown. 

Warm Skin Tone 

Rose gold is another popular choice for people with warm skin, but it’s important to make sure the hair color carries more pink in the formula. This will add more contrast to your skin and make it appear less yellow. 

Olive Skin Tone 

Those with olive skin can try a variety of darker shades for their tresses, from dark burgundy to rich brunette hues. If you’re going to go darker, try to keep the roots deeper and more natural looking – this will complement the olive undertones of your skin. 

Dark Skin Tone 

If you have dark skin, a cool black can be very dramatic. Espresso, licorice, or true black are all good choices because they can take away the yellowish undertones on your skin. You can even go for a dark purple or red if you like! These shades will help you stand out in a crowd. These shades will also tone down any brassiness on your skin, making them ideal for those with fair or neutral undertones. 

To pick the best color for your skin, be sure to talk with your colorist and find out what works best for you! 

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