Ashley L.

Master Stylist

AshleyAshley Ladegard has the flair for hair. She has been a stylist since 2006 and has worked her way up to becoming a master stylist at Studio FX Hairdesign. If you’re looking for a sassy stylist who will make you laugh, then she’s your girl. Ashley poses a unique charisma that brings hair to life. Some might call her a magician, but she will be the first to remind you that she is just a beautician. In the next few years, she plans to obtain an instructor’s license and teach other hairdressers that, “If you’re passionate about hair, then you never have to work a day in your life!” Ashley continues to further her education and stay updated on all the most modern color trends and styles. She is skilled in every aspect of her work. She believes hair should be a way to express yourself, whether it’s a color, a cut or an up-do!