Hair Extension Liability Waiver


1.) Deposit

We are so excited you have made the decision to proceed with hair extensions! However, we ask you to agree (by signing below) to our non-refundable service deposit requirement of $100. This is necessary because we will immediately be blocking off our calendar for a considerable amount of time (3 hours). Taking a deposit and making it non-refundable is the only means we have to assure ourselves some protection against a client changing their mind and us being left with the losses. We do ask for payment for all hair in full, prior to ordering it. The hair is non-refundable once the packaging seal has been opened. A price quote for the cost of the hair will be provided. Thank you for understanding!

I acknowledge the service is final after starting the application. Once the hair has been opened, altered or fitted to your head the hair can no longer be returned.

I acknowledge that hair extensions are sensitive and different than intact human hair, however they will last 9-12 months with proper at home care. I have been informed of proper extension care and agree to follow the daily maintenance procedures as recommended by my stylist.

I acknowledge I have (or will) inspect and approve of the hair to be installed by my stylist.

In the event I no longer want to wear/have extensions I am responsible for the total payment of services rendered. I am aware that with proper care the extensions should last until my next maintenance appointment at 6-8 weeks. If I choose to book or delay my maintenance appointment beyond 6-8 weeks, I acknowledge that any complications will be my responsibility, and I may have to pay an additional fee for de-matting, or replacement of damaged wefts.

A removal/maintenance fee is not included in original price.


Bellami Hair
16 inch $346 1 pack
20 inch $522 1 pack
22 inch $698 1 pack
24 inch $934 1 pack

Recommended Minimum Order

FINE HAIR 1 – 120G Pack
MEDIUM HAIR 1 – 145G Pack
THICK HAIR 1 – 160G Pack

Hair Talk Hand tied ( need 2-5 packs per head )
14inch $170 1 pack
18inch $230 1 pack
22inch $ 340 1 pac

Weft Length Grams
1 Double Head Tied Weft
11" wide
14" 24 g
18 g 30 g
22 g 40 g

2. I acknowledge the above statement (initial below)

2.) Allergies

3. Do you have any of the following allergies?

SiliconeMetal (nickel)LatexContact DermatitisOtherNone

4. I understand that if any allergic reaction occurs, (contact dermatitis etc) my stylist is not responsible (inital below)

3.) Pricing
This solely depends on your goals.

Cost of hair (quoted provided) plus application

$200 first row application
$150 second row
$100 mini row
Custom shaping to blend hair included

Add on services

Custom Coloring Extensions: $25-90 for Shadow Root or Tone etc.
(Color costs vary based off hair quantity and your desired services.) We do our best to
match hair to yours to limit coloring services needed.
Move up (every 6-12 weeks depending on hair growth and care)
$200 first row
$150 second row
$100 mini row
Move up includes removal, shampoo, blowdry and reinstall

To determine how much hair you will need, we will have to discuss your hair goals! You will get an exact price quotation for the purchase of your hair extensions at your consultation.

5. I acknowledge the pricing structure above (initial below)

4.) Maintenance Fee

I understand if I arrive to my appointment with any matting or heavy tangling there will be an additional charge ($20 per 15 minutes spent) for the extra time needed to de-matte / detangle my extensions and natural hair during removal.

6. I acknowledge the above statement (initial below)

5.) Come With Clean Dry Hair

Shampoo and Blow Drying services are an additional cost during a standard installation (unless hair color is also being performed). I agree to arrive with clean dry hair, free from all products, or I will be responsible for the extra cost of a shampoo and blow dry.

7. I acknowledge the above statement (initial below)

6.) Photos

This is an incredibly exciting service and one of our favorite services to perform!

There will be a lot of photos and videos taken. We will be taking before, during, and after photos/video to add to our portfolio, as well as to show you the amazing transformation you will receive!

8. My stylist has permission to post pictures showing my face in my hair pics.

[radio* radio-pictures default:1 "Yes! I'm so excited to show off my whole new look!" "No thanks, keep my face out of the pictures please"]

7.) Extension Hair Care 101


* Do not shampoo for 48 hours after extensions are installed.
* Wash your hair every 3-4 (or more) days, if you can! Dry shampoo will become your best friend to avoid a lengthy daily routine, as well as preserve the quality of your new hair.
* When shampooing, do not scrub excessively, just soak your hair thoroughly with water before shampooing, and gently work your soapy fingers in between the wefts to ensure you're thoroughly cleansing your scalp.
* Always shampoo with your head straight back, never flipped over. Avoid bunching up the hair.
* Please use a shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. Matrix total results for Bellami extensions and Hairtalk products for Hairtalk extensions.
* Do not use shampoo high in alcohol or oil content.
* NEVER condition up to the scalp, always condition from ear lobes down.
* RINSE WELL! To avoid scalp irritation from shampoo and conditioner not being rinsed out well, rinse for 1 extra minute once you think you're done! Focus that last minute working your fingers gently between the wefts, ensuring plenty of water is getting in there.


* Never dry with a scrubbing action, instead wrap with a dry microfiber towel (or t-shirt) to absorb the water. ALWAYS BLOW DRY TOP OF WEFTS to prevent breakdown and mold.
* Brush 2x daily (Wet Brush Only or hairtalk extension brush ). Start from the bottom and work your way up, making sure you get under and above wefts. Hair extensions are attached to small amounts of your own hair. While Hair Extensions are not damaging to your hair, poor care and aggressive handling will pull your hair and cause damage.
* Pull extensions into a loose braid or top knot while sleeping to prevent tangling and excess strain on wefts. Sleep with a silk pillowcase to avoid friction while sleeping.
* NEVER cut, remove, color, perm or use any other chemicals on your extensions. If another stylist performs any service on you while wearing extensions, neither stylist is liable for any damages.
* Activities taking place in a constant wet or damp environment such as aerobics, working out, steam baths, saunas, pools, beach etc. require immediate drying of the wefts. Dry the top of the wefts as soon as possible.
* Some extension loss and shedding is normal. Average hair loss is 50-100 strands per day. You can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hairs trapped in the attachments after some time. This is normal and should not be interpreted as hairs pulled from the scalp by the extensions themselves. Daily brushing (with Wet Brush or
hairtalk extension brush) close to the scalp and finger separation will avoid matting in this area.
*Head can be a little tender (especially when sleeping) for the first few nights, up to 7-10 days or so. This is completely normal and once your scalp adjusts to this new object against it, it will feel a lot better.

9. I have read and understand the care guidelines above (initial below)

9.) Policies

Refund Policy.
You will have 7 days from the time of service to call with any issues or concerns. After that, it will be regular maintenance service fee, or a charge for whatever needs to be done.

Cancellation Fee.
A fee will apply to any guest who cancels within 24 hours of, or no shows the scheduled appointment time.

Extensions- $100
Color and Extensions- $200

The non-refundable deposit will be determined by the amount of hair that will need to be ordered just for you, and that cost will be due at the time we book your service. I recognize the cost of the hair is non-refundable.

*** Your install service will be anywhere from 3-4.5 hours long. Please book your appointment for a day that you don't have any pressing matters to attend to which may interrupt your service duration.

10. I have read and understand the above policies (initial below)

Current Hair Photos (front and back)

Goal Hair Photos (front and back)

Please sign here

agree to use electronic records and signatures.