Our Team

The stylists at Studio FX Hair Design LLC come from a wide range of backgrounds and possess a variety of skills when it comes to cutting, coloring and styling hair—but the one thing they all have in common is a commitment to providing our customers with expert hair care and friendly service. Whether you’re visiting us for your regular haircut, need a striking style for a special occasion or are paying your first visit to our salon, our stylists look forward to making your experience pleasant, memorable and worth repeating.

Master Stylists

Our master stylists have a sizable customer base, a great reputation and an ability to train and mentor the other stylists on our team. Thanks to their experience, our master stylists are able to provide advanced cuts and styles, and have a large range of techniques at their disposal. And because many master stylists regularly seek continuing education, you can always trust them to be growing their skills.

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Senior Stylists

Our senior stylists have typically spent years in entry-level positions, and many are working to further develop their skills, both under the mentoring of our master stylists and through continuing education courses.


The stylists at Studio FX Hair Design LLC are here to provide friendly customer service while cutting, styling and coloring your hair. Under the supervision of our master and senior stylists, they are developing the skills and knowledge necessary to advance in the industry.

Salon Coordinator

Front Desk Staff

With everyone coming into and leaving our salon every day, we rely on our team of receptionists to keep our calendars in order and ensure our customers are receiving top-notch care and attention.